DNATools - setup problem

Søren W. Rasmussen swr at crc.dk
Thu Sep 9 02:34:33 EST 1999

Dear DNATools users,

I recently (from revision 610 onwards) removed clustalw.exe from the installation files and instead
the two clustal programs (clustalw.exe, clustalx.exe and clustal.hlp) in a separate zip file:

Unfortunately I forgot to remove the entry for clustalw in the setup.lst telling the setup program
which files
to install. This has the consequence that during installation setup.exe tries to install
clustalw.ex_ - which
is not there any more.

The simplest solution is to edit the setup.lst in your temporary installation directory (i.e. the
where you unzipped the downloaded installation file dt_51617.zip). Simply open setup.lst in a text
editor and delete the line:

File32=1,,CLUSTALW.ex_,clustalw.exe,$(AppPath),,,1/16/1998 13:19:58,344378,,"","",""

save setup.lst and run setup.exe again. The problem is now corrected. Sorry!


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