Message to moderator of this group

Tim Cutts timc at
Fri Sep 10 10:12:32 EST 1999

In article <Fergus.Doherty-ya02408000R1009991451580001 at>,
Fergus Doherty <Fergus.Doherty at> wrote:
>A company contacted me as they are unable to post to this group, and don't
>understand why.  Could the moderator contact David Adcock at:
>haybrook at
>They want to advertise a vacancy in bioinformatics programming - which
>seems a reasonable use of this group to me, but they would appreciate
>contact with the moderator.

1)  I'm not sure there is a moderator on the group
2)  The correct group for job offers is not this one, but
3)  Posting problems could be a configuration error in the local news


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