Freeware DAQ software for fermentors

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Sun Sep 12 05:18:10 EST 1999

Freeware control and data collection software for the BioStat fermentors
B, C, D and Micro-DCU has been released, version 1.1.

The host control software runs on NT/95/98 PC's and is a user-friendly
control and data acquisition program. All parameters (setpoints) can be
adjusted from the computer and with the software you can collect all
process data which are displayed in a graphical window. Fermentation
time and dates are logged as are user and remote connections.

To reduce ‘on-site' time, a TCP/IP client program enables you to control
and review collected data from any online computer in the world. The
remote control program is essentially the same as the host but gets data
via the TCP/IP connection from the host control program. Process
parameters can be send to the fermentor. For safety, on the host the
remote IP number can be specified or set to allow any connection via the
client program.

For program downloads, more information, and screen shots goto:


Mikkel Holmen Andersen

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