Shimadzu Class VP software/PDA incompatibility

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Shimadzu Class VP Software/PDA Incompatibility

    ....Shimadzu has been shipping Class VP (formerly EZChrom)/PDA
problems for 5 years!

The following comments were posted in the sci.chem.analytical newsgroup
at on 11 August 1999:

Subject: Shimadzu Class VP HPLC software problems

We purchased a Shimadzu HPLC with PDA detector about 12 months ago
running Class VP 5.02 software (recently upgraded to 5.03) under Windows
95. Unlike some reports I have read, we have found the hardware to be
very reliable, easy to use and the results are reproducible. The Class
VP software is a different story....

We are mainly experiencing illegal operation errors and page faults (in
module inst.exe) when processing data in both online and offline modes.
These have become so frequent at the moment I can crash the software in
under 2 minutes, and can only process one run without crashing! Needless
to say, after an overnight run, it takes a long time to process the
data. Over the past 6 months, the computer motherboard and CPU have been
changed, the video card has been changed and new memory installed. The
computer has also been reformatted (Fdisk then format) and the software
re-installed without improving the problem. The computer was replaced at
one stage with a Dell 350 Pentium II which did appear to reduce the
problem but not solve it.

My questions are: Has anyone else suffered similar problems? Any ideas
as to the cause? Would running under Windows NT 4.0 improve the
situation (or make it worse)?

....As users of this instrument would appreciate, I'm not even touching
'the joys' of using the software such as it's inconsistent user
interface and 'context insensitive' features. That's another story!

The following response was posted in the sci.chem.analytical newsgroup

I have had similar problems with the Shimadzu software. We also
experienced a lot of "inst.exe access violation" errors when the
software was first installed. The crashes only appeared in the offline
mode which was used for data processing.... Of course, the annoying
non-fatal bugs are still there.... (Posted 12 August 1999)

The following response was posted in the LC Chromatography Forum at

We had similar problems with Class VP software in connection with the
PDA detector. We solved it by installing Windows NT 4.0 (there are still
minor problems but we can live with them). (Posted 16 August 1999)

The following response was posted in the St. Louis Chromatography
Discussion Forum at

I feel your pain! We bought a Shimadzu SPD-M6A photo diode array
detector coupled to Shimadzu EZChrom back in '94 here at A. L. Pharma
Labs in Baltimore, MD. It never worked right even after being
investigated by their tech support group.

Then the salesman (Terry L. Adams) wanted us to buy another upgraded
SPD-M10A detector.... we didn't! All of this is terribly disconcerting
to read. One would think that after 5 long years that Shimadzu might
finally get it right.... WRONG! The situation is amazing! After reading
the above account and knowing of our own situation with this 'inferior
product offering,' you have to wonder *out loud* if Shimadzu will ever
get it right? You also have to wonder how many other unfortunate souls
have plunked down money only to be rewarded with a non-performing

Where does it end Shimadzu? Can you people do anything right? Can you
solve or does Shimadzu create endless problems? How many dissatisfied
customers have to go public before you people see the light? Oh.... the
light! Don't know what that is??? I GIVE UP!!! (Posted 20 August 1999)

The following response was posted in the LC Chromatography Forum at

We too have had problems with Shimadzu PDA software. After a lot of
wasted time (and useless tech support), we managed to correct the
problem. Not too sure about the VP software but if you check for a file
called error log (usually a *.txt file), this may shed some light on
what exactly the illegal operation is. This file should also give you a
vague solution to the specific error. (Posted 26 August 1999)

n.b. As we noted previously, when you read messages like this, what else
is there to add? No need to pile on after reading a bevy of horrifying
customer reports like this.... and you can bet that there are many more!
If you would be foolish enough to order this problem-plagued product,
then you deserve the trouble that is bound to accompany your Shimadzu
purchase. Do you think that all is well at Shimadzu? Is there a chance
in hell that it will get better any time soon.... don't count on that
happening in your lifetime!

    Take your productivity to new lows with Shimadzu Class VP software!

 You will be so angry and frustrated after using this inferior Shimadzu
software/hardware product offering that you'll be able to move

       For more information about Shimadzu, call 1-800-LIARS

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