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Copying and pasting text and graphics to another application

You can select text or a graphic in a PDF document, copy it to the Clipboard,
and paste it into a document in another application such as a word processor.
You can also paste text into a PDF document note or into a bookmark.
Once the selected text or graphic is on the Clipboard, you can switch to
another application and paste it into another document.

Note: If a font copied from a PDF document is not available on the system
displaying the copied text, the font cannot be preserved. A default font is

To select text and copy it to the clipboard:

1 Select the text select tool , and do one of the following:

To select a line of text, select the first letter of the sentence or phrase and
drag to the last letter.

To select multiple columns of text (horizontally), hold down Ctrl (Windows
and UNIX) or Option (Mac OS) as you drag across the width of the document.

To select a column of text (vertically), hold down Ctrl+Alt (Windows) or
Option+Command (Mac OS) as you drag the length of the document.

To select all the text on the page, choose Edit > Select All.   In Single Page
mode, all the text on the current page is selected.  In Continuous or Continuous
- Facing mode, most of the text in the document is selected. When you release
the mouse button, the selected text is highlighted. To deselect the text and
start over, click anywhere outside the selected text.

The Select All command will not select all the text in the document. A
workaround for this (Windows) is to use the Edit > Copy command.

2 Choose Edit > Copy to copy the selected text to the Clipboard.

3 To view the text, choose Window > Show Clipboard.

In Windows 95, the Clipboard Viewer is not installed by default, and you cannot
use the Show Clipboard command until it is installed. To install the Clipboard
Viewer, choose Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs, and
then click the Windows Setup tab. Double-click Accessories, check Clipboard
Viewer, and click OK.

To copy graphics to the Clipboard:

1 Select the graphics select tool . The cursor changes to the cross-hair icon.

(Tip: If you're using Reader 4, click and hold the Text selection tool button
(to the right of the Zoom button) on
the toolbar.  After a second or so, you'll see a flyout menu from which you can
select the graphic
selection tool (rightmost choice on the flyout).  That gets tyou the crosshairs
they are talking about.)

2 Drag a rectangle around the graphic you want to copy. To deselect the
graphic and start over, click anywhere outside the selected graphic.

3 Choose Edit > Copy to copy the graphic to the Clipboard.

4 To view the graphic, choose Window > Show Clipboard. The graphic is
copied using the WMF (Windows), PICT (Mac OS), or XPIXMAP (UNIX) format. In
UNIX, the graphic is pasted in the primary selection.

*Copied from Adobe Viewer Manual

Hope it helps,


Does anyone there know about how one can take a bit of a .pdf file to
inforporate it as an object in a powerpoint presentation?


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