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  >Celera Genomics Completes Sequencing Phase of Drosophila Genome Project

I'm sorry, I believe your story must be in error. You see, Celera
quite specifically agreed in a legal memorandum of understanding with
UC Berkeley that:

"As previously committed by Celera Genomics and because it is a
specific condition of the federal grant award to the BDGP that,
"Sequence data supplied by others will be publicly available before
being used for activities in this grant," Celera Genomics will begin
depositing contigs, as unfinished sequence, in GenBank upon the
completion of the random sequencing phase. The rate of deposits to
GenBank will, at a minimum, be sufficient to allow BDGP to perform
sequence finishing and all contigs greater than 2 kb will be deposited
by January 1, 2000 at the latest."
          - source:

No data have been released by Celera yet (see:  So, since Celera clearly promised to release
data upon completion of the shotgun phase, obviously the shotgun phase
of the Drosophila genome project must not be complete yet.

You should probably check the reliability of your sources more
carefully in the future.

Hope this helps,
- Sean Eddy

- Sean Eddy
- Dept. of Genetics, Washington University in St. Louis

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