sequence trace files format problem

Joe Ryan jfryan at NHGRI.NIH.GOV
Fri Sep 24 07:21:32 EST 1999

Dr. Burch,

We use Michael Zody's (Whitehead) Java TraceViewer and have no problem
on the Macintosh.  There is a demo of the TraceViewer here...

and the distribution is available here...

The only caveat is ABI trace files need to be converted to SCF format.
This can be done easily with the makeSCF program in the Staden Package
(available free to Academics).

Joseph Ryan
National Human Genome Research Institute

On Thu, Sep 23, 1999 at 08:36:09PM +0000, Paula Burch wrote:
> The sequencing core provides traces to users of various computer
> systems, Mac, Unix, or MS Windows. We have installed a java
> traceviewer that works great in Netscape on the Unix or PC side, 
> but fails to work in either Netscape or Internet Explorer on the Mac. 
> The easy answer would be to just give our Mac users their own trace 
> viewing program, such as the free one from Perkins Elmer.
> The problem is that trace files moved to the sequence repository
> machine from the sequencing Mac can be used only by a Mac, not by
> Unix, if tranferred as a Mac binary. If the trace files are moved as
> 'raw data', they work great in the java trace viewing program, but
> are utterly unusable on a Mac.
> How can I make 'raw data' trace files work on a Mac? I was told
> something I didn't understand about a missing 'resource fork' that
> the Mac needs. I generally stick to Unix and am mystified. Is
> there any way to fake the resource fork, or any other way to make one
> transfer format work for all three of the more popular computer
> platforms, Mac, Unix, and PC?
> We cannot ask the sequencing core personnel to transfer the trace
> files to some labs in Mac binary format and to other labs in 'Raw
> Data' format.
> Thanks for any help you can provide....
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