do you know of any music player that.....

KIM dkim at hector.NMSU.Edu
Fri Sep 24 09:26:46 EST 1999

Well, no, but . . .

I have found that, when I am "proofreading" a DNA sequence that has been
manually entered into a Macintosh computer, it is easy to check my
accuracy of typing by putting the text into SimpleText, then having Text
to Speech read it back to me.

In order to have a regular cadence to the readout, I have it use one of
the musical voice fonts (e.g. Cello or Organ).  This greatly improves my
ability to keep up.

Daniel Kim
dkim at

"R. Jayakumar" <jakku at> wrote:
: hi..
:    I don;t know whether this is the correct forum for this question.  But as
: far as I am concerned, this is quite biological in  nature.  I need to know
: whether there is any music player which plays CDs, and other type of music
: and also displays some sort of graphics on screen in step with the music
: being played.
:     Thank you
: jakku

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