sequence trace files format problem

Jonathan Epstein Jonathan_Epstein at
Fri Sep 24 11:18:25 EST 1999

Hi, Paula,

Can you install an X terminal emulator like White Pine's eXodus on your
Macs, and run Netscape on a Unix host, but visible on the Mac's display
through X emulation?

Just a thought,

- Jonathan

Paula Burch wrote:

> The sequencing core provides traces to users of various computer
> systems, Mac, Unix, or MS Windows. We have installed a java
> traceviewer that works great in Netscape on the Unix or PC side,
> but fails to work in either Netscape or Internet Explorer on the Mac.
> The easy answer would be to just give our Mac users their own trace
> viewing program, such as the free one from Perkins Elmer.
> The problem is that trace files moved to the sequence repository
> machine from the sequencing Mac can be used only by a Mac, not by
> Unix, if tranferred as a Mac binary. If the trace files are moved as
> 'raw data', they work great in the java trace viewing program, but
> are utterly unusable on a Mac.
> How can I make 'raw data' trace files work on a Mac? I was told
> something I didn't understand about a missing 'resource fork' that
> the Mac needs. I generally stick to Unix and am mystified. Is
> there any way to fake the resource fork, or any other way to make one
> transfer format work for all three of the more popular computer
> platforms, Mac, Unix, and PC?
> We cannot ask the sequencing core personnel to transfer the trace
> files to some labs in Mac binary format and to other labs in 'Raw
> Data' format.
> Thanks for any help you can provide....
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