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Sean Eddy eddy at wol.wustl.edu
Sun Sep 26 15:01:30 EST 1999

In article <r_grant-2309991601430001 at> r_grant at see.sig.for.address (Richard P. Grant) writes:
  >>You should probably check the reliability of your sources more
  >>carefully in the future.
  >See 'Nature' 401:204
  >'US gene sequencing company Celera announced last week that it has
  >completed the sequencing phase of its collaboration with the Berkeley
  >Drosophila Genome Project . . .'

Yes, Celera has announced completion of the fly's shotgun phase. They
have also announced that they would release the shotgun data to
Genbank upon completion of the shotgun data. They even signed a legal
document to this effect. There are (to my knowledge) no Celera data in
Genbank yet. 

Therefore, in at least one of their announcements, they lied. 

It pisses me off. It should piss you off too.

Celera had every right to keep their data proprietary, right up until
the moment they promised the community that it would be public. Now
we should make them deliver on their promise.

- Sean Eddy
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