CDS Extraction Tool

Dr. Greg Quinn greg at
Thu Feb 24 13:37:32 EST 2000

Keith James (kdj at wrote:
: >>>>> "Jeffrey" == "Jeffrey Conroy" <jconroy at> writes:
:     Jeffrey> Does anyone out there have a simple program or script for
:     Jeffrey> extracting the CDS features from multiple GenBank files?
:     Jeffrey> I have a need to generate separate files of the CDS
:     Jeffrey> features from a database of annotated GB files.
: As no one has replied yet, I'll offer as a second-best solution a
: script which does this from annotated EMBL files. Of course, this is
: only of use if EMBL equivalents to your files are available.
: It's linked from my web page. It requires Bioperl and the prEMBL Perl
: modules from the Sanger Centre FTP site.

Isn't extracting the CDS what constitutes the Genpept DB? The source for doing this is at:
It looks like an easy hack.
Good luck

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