Functional equivalent of GCG Findpatterns?

Peter Rice pmr at
Mon Jan 17 06:48:13 EST 2000

Keith James <kdj at> writes:

> >>>>> "Greg" == Greg Quinn <greg at> writes:
>     Greg> Hi; Does anyone know of a publicly available functional
>     Greg> equivalent of the GCG FindPatterns program?
> The EMBOSS program fuzznuc will search sequences or databases for
> arbitrary, short patterns in a similar manner to findpatterns. It
> allows a number of mismatches to be supplied.
> The output is more terse than findpatterns, but on the other hand
> there are no arbitrary limits on the length of sequence to be searched
> or number of hits reported.

It would be relatively easy to extend the output of fuzznuc
if users have particular needs.

One option under active consideration, for example, is to report the
hits in feature format (currently GFF, but soon also EMBL/Genbank
feature format and SwissProt for fuzzpro)

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