Functional equivalent of GCG Findpatterns?

Tania Broveak taniab at
Tue Jan 18 07:03:10 EST 2000

On the web, the EXPASY server has links lots of protein analysis programs.
They list FPAT, which finds patterns in protein databases:

THe expasy home page is at:

Keith James wrote:

> >>>>> "Greg" == Greg Quinn <greg at> writes:
>     Greg> Hi; Does anyone know of a publicly available functional
>     Greg> equivalent of the GCG FindPatterns program?
> The EMBOSS program fuzznuc will search sequences or databases for
> arbitrary, short patterns in a similar manner to findpatterns. It
> allows a number of mismatches to be supplied.
> The output is more terse than findpatterns, but on the other hand
> there are no arbitrary limits on the length of sequence to be searched
> or number of hits reported.
> fuzznuc is part of the EMBOSS package which already covers much of
> GCG's functionality. It's homepage is at:
> hth
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