Linux vs Unix for doing bioinformatics

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> > But anyway, I'm assuming that the arguments for/against linux on PC 
> > apply to Linux on PPC too?? 
> Probably not:
> - hardware with PowerPC is more expensive so you lose the advantage of
> using Taiwan-made cheap PCs. 

But the point is we have thousands of macs sitting around not using 
anything like their full potential - I'm thinking of dual boot systems 
for use in the working lab, not a computer room stuffed full of gubbins.

> And the PowerPC is 32-bits like the i386.

Eh?  The PII/III is 32 bit.

> - Linux and the applications it runs are less stable on the PowerPC. I
> am still not able to compile a kernel on my PowerMacintosh, even if I
> did it without trouble on dozens of PCs.

With respect, I would like to see n > 1 because I am sure there are 
people around who run Linux on PPCs.



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