MP3 Filename Formatter (V2.3)

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Fri Mar 17 15:49:52 EST 2000

Patrick Computer Services is proud to announce the availability of:

MP3 Filename Formatter (V2.3)

It was released on March 17, 2000.

MP3 Filename Formatter quickly renames MP3 filenames and sets internal MP3 ID Tags. This tool removes Underbars ("_"), extra spaces and other unneeded characters from the filename and leaves a nice-looking formatted filename. It can optionally update the Internal ID Tag settings and save them when renaming a file. The application allows you to preview and alter the filename and ID Tags before it is saved. With this tool, you can rename entire directories of MP3 filenames in just a few minutes. 


* Edits MP3 Filenames And Internal ID Tag Settings. 
* Allows Auto Fill-In Of Internal ID Tags Based On Defined Formats. 
* Includes Six Predefined Internal ID Tag Formats and Allows Custom Formats To Be Defined. 
* Can Quickly Insert/Delete Parts Of A New Filename. 
* Removes Underbars, Extra Spaces And Other Characters From The Filename. 
* Double-Clicking A File Pops Up Detailed Information About The File. 
* Saves Past Settings For Quick Startup. 
* Can Play Selected File With Your Default MP3 Player. 
* Can Quickly Rename Hundreds Of Files. Great Time Saver. 
* Improved Interface and Functionality. 
* Full Help File. 

Go to to download or view screenshots of this application or any of the other fine releases from Patrick Computer Services.

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