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> Herbert M Sauro wrote:
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> > Korbinian Strimmer <strimmer at> wrote in message
> > > > Which language will be "the language" in Bioinformatics, Java or C++?
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> > So that do the companies I've worked for use? Well they certainly use Java
> > but on the whole only for server side work, GUI applications written in Java
> > tend to be slow and cumbersome...
> I use Java to design *portable* GUIs.  The interfaces are not as fast as
> native code, but the portability surely is nice.  Imagine compiling a
> moderately complex Java GUI on a Windows machine.  You can then simply
> copy the binary byte-code to the Macintosh box, or a Linux box, or an
> OS/2 box,

Or RISC OS soon to be ported to the Psion netbook.

Bob; running a RiscPC 700 with RISC OS 3.7 and a pentium co pro with win98
in the corner of the screen (unused) :-))).

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