Solaris Thrashing after blast searches

Michael Schmitz schmitz at
Tue Nov 14 15:17:08 EST 2000

Tim Cutts wrote:
> Of course, you need to come up with some software to
> distribute your blast jobs; I use Platform Computing's LSF (I believe
> the Sanger do too).  It's expensive, but worth the money - it really
> helps you get the absolute max out of all your hardware, including all
> those wasted CPUs on people's desks.

I've found gnqs ( to be a nice for-free (GPL) alternative.
It took a while to set up, and still drops jobs on occasion but I'm not
sure I got the setup 100% right.
Commercial solutions are most certainly better, but it's a low cost
solution that has saved me a lot of tedious work. 


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