FASTA email server

S.W. Rasmussen swr at
Thu Aug 16 04:24:57 EST 2001

Yes, Dnatools,, includes an e-mail based blast search

Cheers  Soeren

"William R. Pearson" <wrp at> wrote in message
news:kjr8unlu01.fsf at
> I occasionally receive requests for a reference to a FASTA email
> server.  Apparently in some less developed countries, email works,
> where http does not.
> (1) are there any FASTA email servers out there?
> (2) are there any general purpose email-to-httpd gateways that would
>     allow someone to send an email, which would be translated into an
>     http request, and then return the result as an email?
> Bill Pearson

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