Announcing the release of GeneStudio Pro, Public Beta 2

GeneStudio genestudio at
Mon Dec 17 07:07:49 EST 2001

Public Beta 2 of the GeneStudio Pro molecular biology software suite for
Windows is available for download from

This release has three components:
1. SeqVerter - Internet integrated sequence format converted with a powerful
viewer for automatic sequencer trace files.  This feature is free and will
continue to function after expiration of the beta license (60 days).
2. Alignment editor - a powerful editor combined with viewers designed for
easy pasting of pre-formatted alignments into word processing and
presentation software.  This editor will process and save files in the
PHYLIP format for use in molecular phylogeny analysis.
3. Contig editor - an intuitive editor/assembler for automatic DNA sequencer

The GeneStudio Team


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