Philipp Vorst philipp.vorst at
Mon Feb 12 07:04:37 EST 2001

André Homeyer <andy at> schrieb in im Newsbeitrag:
95clmj$ard$1 at
> There´s a new, powerful and easy to use program - called "Cafun" - which
> combines genetic algorithms and cellular automata to simulate complex
> systems from biology to physics. Look at to learn more
> and download Cafun Simulator for free.

I've downloaded it, and I'm really amazed. Biology was not my favourite
subject in school; however, I was so amazed by the program in artistical
respect that I created some genomes myself. Funnily, they were published
;-). I think Cafun is especially interesting if one knows the idea of
Conway's famous "Game of Life".

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