GenomePixelizer update

Alexander Kozik akozik at
Tue Jul 10 12:41:09 EST 2001

The new version of GenomePixelizer is now available at

The new version has an improved color scheme and "save as postscript"
functionality what is really helpful in creation of posters and any
kind of printed documents.
Also, it is possible to convert postscript file into GIF or PNG file
using, for example, Corel PhotoPaint program on Windows, and present
derived graphics on web pages. One of this examples you may find at


where we track relationship between NBS, P450 and PK-LRR members
on the background of duplication events in Arabidopsis genome.

Feedback and comments are very welcome.

Alexander Kozik
Dept of Vegetable Crops,
University of California at Davis.
akozik at


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