Rna3d problems installation

Javi Ortiz bioinf at evalga.scsi.uv.es
Tue Jun 26 03:45:37 EST 2001

I'm trying to install the rna3d (http://tyrant.ucsc.edu/rna3d) but the 
compilation stops always in the same step. I have tryed it in two 
different systems (Linux and Digital). 

The make error is:
gcc  -g -O2  -o rna3d  rna3d_fl.o rna3d_seq.o rna3d_saxs.o rna3d_opt.o  
rna3d_main.o rna3d_io.o rna3d_forms.o rna3d_ffgeom.o rna3d_d
ynam.o  rna3d_coord.o rna3d_access.o -lforms -lRNA -lm -lX11
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
*** Exit 1

I think I have well installed the XForms libraries.

Please, could somebody help me?

Javi Ortiz                   Universitat de Valencia       E-mail:  bioinf at uv.es
SCSIE - Bioinformatica       C/ Dr. Moliner, 50            Tel. (34) 96 398 3167
Edif. Investigacion - 0.76   46100 Burjassot (Spain)       Fax: (34) 96 386 4875 


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