Tilman Lamparter lamparte at
Thu Mar 8 04:22:11 EST 2001

can  somebody help me with PHYLIP? I want to draw a distance tree for 32
proteins and combine it with bootstrapping. I run the following
programs: SEQBOOT (makes eg 100 bootstrapts) PROTDIST (calculates the
distance for each of the 100 datasets) FITCH (constructs trees from the
distances) CONSENSE (finds the best tree) and DRAWTREE. The problem I
have is that the treefile generated by CONSENSE does not give distance
values but rather probability values. The result is thus qualitatively
different from 

How can I get a tree with distances AND bootstrap values?

Tilman Lamparter, Freie Universitaet Berlin / Pflanzenphysiologie
Koenigin Luise Str. 12-16
D 14195 Berlin, e-mail lamparte at


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