BLAST and Ensembl database

Aldert Zomer zomeral at
Tue May 22 04:00:47 EST 2001

Betastar wrote:
> Is your database over 2 GB in size?
> That can cause problems on Linux systems.
> You may have to split the database, and then search on multiple
> databases (each piece should be less than 2 GB)

Also, using a different filesystem is an option if you want files > 2
GB. We use XFS instead of ext2. Another bonus is that it's a journalling
filesystem (no dataloss etc.) and the speed of XFS. 

however, I don't think the size of the database is the problem here (it
is 34 mbytes or something like that). We've had problems with our blast
searches in the past also, but that was because of a faulty ram module. 

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