Tkperl environment setting?

Paul Boardman peb at
Wed May 23 04:50:16 EST 2001

nospam at wrote:
> I was hoping someone could help me out with the installation of Tkperl for
> use with Genotator on a Linux box.  I've unpacked what appears to be the
> latest version of Tkperl, Tk800.023, and setenv BIOTKPERL_LIBRARY
> /usr/lib/perl5/Tk800.023, but I can't find any clues of what else is
> necessary.  Genotator-browser gives:
> Can't locate loadable object for module Tk::Event in @INC <snip>
> Can't locate auto/Tk/Event/ in @INC <snip>

What these errors mean is that the Tk::Event module isn't installed.

to install this module su to root then type

perl -MCPAN -e shell

wait for the cpan> prompt and then type

install Tk::Event



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