GenomePixelizer update

Alexander akozik at
Wed Nov 7 05:33:09 EST 2001

New version of GenomePixelizer is available at:

What is new (November 7, 2001):

"Locus Zoomer" procedure;
GenomePixelizer allows to zoom in semi-automatic mode into regions
of interest and generate sub-projects by extracting data from whole
dataset. You may find an example at:

"Gene Painter" procedure; GenomePixelizer allows to paint different
set of genes in different colors in batch mode dynamically, without
re-running the project.
"Matrix Color Tuner" procedure; GenomePixelizer allows to assign
color for "similarity/identity" lines based on distance matrix file
data dynamically, without changing the source of input file.

Alexander Kozik
Department of Vegetable Crops,
University of California at Davis.
email: akozik at


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