Call for papers for JASIST Special Issue on Bioinformatics

Brad Hemminger bmh at
Mon Apr 8 05:39:58 EST 2002


Special Topics Issue of JASIST:  Bioinformatics

The next special topics issue of the Journal of the American Society for
Information Science and Technology (JASIST), to appear in late 2003,
will be on the topic of bioinformatics. The guest editors will be Dr.
Bradley Hemminger and Dr. David Fenstermacher of the University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Bioinformatics tools and methodologies for the management of biological
data, information, and knowledge are rapidly being developed and adopted
to address the massive growth of data generated by large scale research
efforts such as the Human Genome Project. Bioinformatics, the
application of information technology to the life sciences, is a fertile
research area for the information science field. While biology is a
specialized domain, the data explosion leaves it facing many of the same
core issues that information scientists and librarians have addressed
for decades: the design and management of information retrieval systems;
integration and querying of multiple heterogeneous databases; novel data
visualization tools; open metadata schemas and ontologies; and methods
for automated database curation and data quality assurance.

This special topic issue will provide an interdisciplinary forum for
researchers and practitioners to present innovative ideas and methods to
address current and future problems in bioinformatics, including the
areas of genomics, proteomics, and computational biology.

Authors are invited to submit original papers in the area of
bioinformatics on topics including, but not limited to, the following:

       Large-scale database design and development
       Database integration
       Database quality assurance
       Information retrieval algorithms
       Metadata and ontological frameworks
       Visualization tools
       Interface design issues
       Legal / intellectual property issues

Inquiries should be made to the guest editors by email, fax or
telephone.  Authors should inform the guest editors of their intent to
submit prior to submitting a manuscript.  Electronic submissions of
manuscripts in PDF or Word (97 or later) are recommended.  If
manuscripts are submitted in printed form, please send four copies of
the manuscript.   Inquires and submissions should be addressed to:

Dr. Bradley Hemminger
School of Information and Library Science
206A Manning Hall
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3360

Email:  bmh at
Phone: (919) 966-2998
Fax:     (919) 962-8071

Important Dates
May 31, 2002:   Notification of intent to submit a manuscript
October 31, 2002:  Deadline for manuscript submission
January 31, 2003: Notification of acceptance/rejection of manuscripts
September 2003:  Final versions of manuscripts due
Late 2003:   Publication

All manuscripts will be reviewed by a panel of referees.  Original
artwork and a signed copy of the copyright release form will be required
for all accepted papers.  A copy of the call for papers will be
available on the World Wide Web, as is further information about JASIST,

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