Macs Amplify for Windows?

Olivier Friard at
Tue Jan 28 04:28:25 EST 2003


you can try AnnHyb (released under GNU license) at
For now only a beta version is available but it is stable enough to
help you to manage sequences and oligonucleotides
I hope that this will help you

Olivier Friard

On 24 Jan 2003 15:23:28 -0000, eimert at ("Dr. Klaus Eimert")

>is there an equivalent for the Mac software "Amplify", allowing you to run 
>virtual pcr and give predictions for fragment length, primability, 
>stability of match, possible dimers and so on? Oh, and the whole thing with 
>an easy an uncluttered GUI would be nice, too :-)

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