need a CAD program

Dr Engelbert Buxbaum engelbert_buxbaum at
Thu Jun 5 06:04:06 EST 2003

Aaron wrote:
>      Does anyone know of a free cad program available for download?  I'm
> desiging bicycle frames and I'd realy like to be able to use my computer
> rather than paper and pencil (I think I'd get better results). Or, could
> somebody possibly post CAD for me?

First of all this depends on the operating system you use. 

For Unix, you could use xfig (, a Java version (jfig) of
this program is currently alpha and operating system independent.

For windows you can get several free or shareware cad systems from
repositories like SIMTEL (
or JUMBO ( Some companies let you have older versions of
their programs fopr free, for example Turbo CAD ( or
Holophase ( in the hope that you eventually buy the
newer versions.

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