Software for managing BLAST results?

S.W. Rasmussen swr at
Wed Jun 25 05:30:12 EST 2003

For smaller numbers of sequences (1-2,000) seqtools (win32) may solve the
problem. See for details. In addition seqtools includes
features for batch blasting either on local user db's or on genbank via the
blastcl3 ncbi application..

Cheers  Soeren

"Peter Frank" <peter_frankde at> wrote in message
news:55befv4cgg91bm6365gv3mrpr7vdhfhimp at
> Is there a software for managing BLAST results?
> For now, I save my BLAST results as text files because I cannot save
> the HTML output with the Internet Explorer (does it work for anyone
> else?). With time I have a directory  full of text format BLAST
> results pages, which do not allow easy handling, viewing, etc. (of
> course, a lot of features of the HTML output are not available in text
> format). So, I wonder whether there is something like a software that
> allows creating an annotatable and analyzable database of BLAST
> results pages containing all the information of the HTML output pages.
> Peter
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