Software for pretty formatting of sequences?

Peter Frank peter_frankde at
Wed Jun 25 05:30:12 EST 2003

Ergo Sum <google at> wrote:
> Peter Frank wrote:
> >>>I am looking for a program for pretty formatting of sequences (not
> >>>alignments).
> > Thanks for the offer but I finally found a free program that can
> > pretty much do what I wanted.
> > 
> > Peter
> > ---
> What program is it?

I did not want to sound like I am advertising a program here. That is
why I did not mention it in the first place.

The program is called Vector NTI Viewer (which is freeware unlike the
commercial software package Vector NTI Suite). It offers some
rudimentary analysis functions, too, but what I needed was the
function to create sequence blocks and sequence numbers for raw
sequence data files. And Vector NTI Viewer can do that. Possible
settings are "Length of Blocks", "Blocks per Line" and 1- or 3-letter
code for amino acid sequences.


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