NEW PHYLOGENTIC SOFTWARE - MS Windows operating systems

Dominik Hepperle dhepper at
Thu Dec 9 16:27:06 EST 2004

Hello everybody!

For thoseones who are using MS Windows operating systems I am
announcing our new software applications:


Molecular sequence assembly and proofreading, for SCF and ABI, AB1
trace files with many features.

Manual sequence alignment editor & preparation of phylogenetic

Keep your sequences up-to-date, track changes of GenBank sequences,
offline filtering of sequence data.

Phylogenetic tree visualisation and manipulation, mounts bootstrap
values of several trees onto a single one, edit & manipulate trees,
add tags and graphical features, exports/imports various formats
including PHYLIP and PAUP (NEXUS) format

and much more ...

See for an overview.

Best wishes,
Dominik Hepperle

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