[Bio-software] Unipro UGENE v1.6 is released

Mikhail Fursov via bio-soft%40net.bio.net (by mike.fursov from gmail.com)
Thu Dec 24 01:16:17 EST 2009

Unipro UGENE is a free open source multiplatform software tool for
molecular biologists.

Version 1.6 new plugins:

   * Phylip plugin for building phylogenetic trees. Based on original
Phylip 3.6 package .
         o Neighbor Joining algorithm;
         o Phylogenetic trees visualization;
         o Integration with Multiple Alignment Editor.

   * Distributed computing in UGENE
         o Support for launching HMMER 3, Smith-Waterman, MUSCLE
tasks on remote machines.
         o Remote tasks support;

New features and bug fixes:

   * Search for tandem repeats added introduced in Repeat Finder
   * Project files transferability support;
   * "Export project" feature;
   * Remote databases interaction: NCBI, PDB, Swiss Prot;
   * BioStruct3D plugin: anaglyph stereo mode;
   * and a lot more...

Prebuilt packages for different platforms and complete source code is
available here: http://ugene.unipro.ru/download.html

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