Chinese Computer Digest

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Tue Jun 13 04:32:29 EST 1995

[Chinese Computer Digest]
Chinese Computer Digest is the first Chinese Computing 
Magazine on the internet , it has own domain name:,
the homepage of Chinese Computer Digest is at:
Chinese Computer Digest is the bilingual magazine , it has both 
English and Chinese version, for the Chinese version, it has both 
GB Code and Big5 Code.
Chinese Computer Digest covers following area: 
Apple Chinese Software
Chinese Windows Software
Chinese Educational Software
Chinese Computer CD-Title
Chinese English Translation Software
Chinese Computer Fonts
Chinese Personal Digital Assistant
Chinese Speaking & Input Software
Chinese OCR Software
Computer News From China
Chinese Software Company 
Chinese Speaking & Input Software
Welcome to Chinese Computer Digest, 
any suggestion or comments
please contact with:

Chinese Computer Digest
10787-A South Blany Ave., Cupertino, CA 95014  USA
Tel: 408-257-9480         Email: chinabus at

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