Copying SRS indexes between computers ?

Peter Rice pmr at
Thu Nov 23 10:47:35 EST 1995

In article <491kah$2qe at> gbottu at (Guy Bottu) writes:
>   A few questions for the SRS gurus : What criteria besides the date of
>   creation of the index files does srscheck use to decide if an index
>   must be remade ? Is an index made on one computer fully usable on another ?
>   And if so, should the ftp be performed in ascii or binary mode ?

We use the same index files over NFS on Irix, OSF and Solaris (well, not
sure whether anyone really uses them on Solaris, but certainly on the
other two).

No copying, no problems - but you do get trouble with the index dates
if you tar/untar or copy the files.

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