Funny CDS from srs...

Frederic PLEWNIAK plewniak at
Tue Nov 28 09:52:59 EST 1995

In article <49d9le$k9d at> Robert Herzog, rherzog at

> as each (or most, I did not check everything ;-) W appears 
> like the translation of a stop codon.
>Here a copy from the SRS query at Darasbury (we do not keep a full
>under SRS at BEN today):
>LOCUS       DROMTM1      5292 bp    DNA             INV       20-SEP-1995
>DEFINITION  Drosophila melanogaster mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase


>                     /transl_table=5

>CC   translation with default table (experimental)

That's simply because SRS uses the standard translation table... 
which shouldn't be here since we've got here a mitochondrial non-standard
code where TGA translates to W.


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