indexing gcg formatted sequence files

Thure Etzold etzold at
Fri Jan 26 15:46:38 EST 1996


once more for all those who still have indexing the embl (or genbank)
databanks in gcg 8.1 format - this is how the filetype record should
be. please make sure that it is defined exactly like this in your file 

#filetype /ID=%GCGSEQ_FILE
          /typename=seq /maxline=20000
          /begstr=">>>>" /advance=0 /exitstr=">>>>"
          /find="%s" /iscont="-" /seqtype=gcg8_1


i fixed the program trembl - it works on our site and the two
databanks "trembl" and "tremblnew" (built daily) can be obtained
via ftp ( in the directory 


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