SRS with compressed EMBL files???

Thure Etzold etzold at
Mon Jul 8 06:33:42 EST 1996

Frederic PLEWNIAK wrote:
> Hello,
> I was wondering if anyone has successfully built SRS indices from
> compressed EMBL files (*.dat.Z). I have tried this in embl.sdl but
> it does not seem to work :

unfortunately this is not possible since gzip or gunzip can compress
only entire files, in the case of EMBL a file such as bac.dat. How
can you get a single entry without uncompressing the entire file?
The data on the Entrez CD-rom is compressed on an entry basis which
is different.

I put in the option to access compressed file for databanks like PDB
where each entry is contained in a single file. For the EMBL databank
such a structure, even if the single files were compressed, would 
probably require even more diskspace.

I would be interested in a 'public' program or function that compresses
and uncompresses single strings so that it can be used if srs (SRSWWW
or getz) are the only direct accessors of a databank.


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