yet another bug in SRS

Thure Etzold etzold at
Thu Mar 14 15:14:43 EST 1996

gbottu at (Guy Bottu) writes:
>When I search in TFSITE for Y$ENO2_03 in the ID field with the Makewild
>option turned of, I find the entry. However, when I search for Y$EN or
>Y$ENO2_03 with the Makewild option turned on, I find nothing. In fact
>the interface passes to the program an instruction to search for
>" [TFSITE-ID:y$eno2_03]" instead of " [TFSITE-ID:y$eno2_03*]".

i haven't noticed that before ...but it must have been there all the
time and i could reproduce it ....there is now obvious reason so
i need do some debugging - will post a fix soon


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