SRS will soon stop working :-)

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Mon Oct 7 08:18:47 EST 1996

krasel at (Cornelius Krasel) wrote:

>Claude Scarpelli (claude at wrote:

>> How can it be fixed ?
>> 1) configure the WWW cache to NOT cache URL containing srs/srsc. Not
>>    practicable, since user may not have enough authority to modify
>>    the configuration of the cache they are using.
>> 2) Configure the SRS site in such a way that the magic strings
>>    /cgi-bin/ appear in each URL. WWW cache never caches a document
>>    when the URL contains this magic string.
>> 3) Have wgetz send a protocol element (Pragma: no-cache) with each
>>    documents (especially the very first one). Cache will honor this
>>    information by not caching the document. Of course, it requires
>>    modification on the wgetz source code. We will ask the author to
>>    proceed this way, since it is the best way to communicate with a
>>    WWW cache

>4) Let the http server in question add a Last-Modified-Since: header
>   to its information.

5) I didn't follow all the technical detail but another way could
perhap's be the cookies ..

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