indexing TREMBLNEW

Martin Hilbers mph at
Thu Nov 6 04:57:57 EST 1997

Ray Wang wrote:
> Hello,
> I am indexing TREMBLNEW in SRS5.05 using SPTREMBL format. But when
> I search TREMBLNEW, nothing shows up below  "Sequence Format", check
> the source code of the HTML display, find that the page doesn't
> finish.
> Could someone give an answer to the question?
> Ray
> SmithKline Beecham R&D

I had a similar problem, and it seems to be caused by the the
fact that the Comment_type and Comment indices are completely
empty in tremblnew. Apparently srs does not like empty indices
when composing a search form. Removing those fields from the format
description solved the problem, but you end up with a new
tremblnew format (assuming that you don't want to remove the
comments fields in sptrembl as well)



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