Martin Hilbers mph at
Fri Oct 17 11:07:45 EST 1997

Hi Guys,

Does anybody know how to use the  "guiType:multi" in srs applications ?
It apparently should allow you to select multiple items from
an options list, but sofar I have not been able to transfer
the multple selected items to the command line.

In appl.i, there is an example of this 

    $AppOpt:[consistency group:@OTHER_OPTS type:bool guiType:multi
      prompt:'' values:{
  	$OptVal:[consistency valInt:1 prompt:consistency]
  	$OptVal:[span2 prompt:span2]
  	$OptVal:[span1 prompt:span1]
  	$OptVal:[span prompt:span]

which is then put on the command line for blast with:

      |($Alt:[$opt.span1 t:' -span1'])\
      |($Alt:[$opt.span2 t:' -span2'])\
      |($Alt:[$opt.span t:' -span'])\
      |($Alt:[$opt.consistency t:' -consistency'])\

This allows you to select any of these options - but in practice,
if you select any of these options, the -consistency parameter is
put on the command line...



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