Spanning multiple SRS servers.

Peter Rice pmr at
Tue Dec 29 04:38:46 EST 1998

stuart at (Stuart Rison) writes:
> I would like to query Unigene (the clustred EST database) and dbEST (the EST
> database) with SRS simultaneously.  Unfortnately, I have not yet found an
> SRS server that provides indexing for BOTH of them (searched using SRS on
> databanks).

As you found, there are several servers with both.

You need to take care over how the databases are linked.  At the
Sanger Centre we link UNIGENE and DBEST using the CloneID rather than
the accession number. SRS only allows one link between databases.

You would need to use EMBL to get links by accession number.
We also have DBESTSEQ (the dbEST FASTA format sequences file) but
that currently has no direct link to UNIGENE.

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