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Peter Rice pmr at
Fri Jun 5 09:43:13 EST 1998

Ewan Birney <birney at> writes:

> There is the problem that SRS is a complex beast, and tough to document.
> But I would give anything for
> 	a) losing the stupid frames format of the help pages
> 	b) having a nice hardcopy (latex?) representation

Anything Ewan?? As you are just up the corridor, I'll give some
thought to my prize for suggesting the following:

a) no frames

You can lose the frames by going for just the manual section of
interest.  For example, using NetScape:

Go to the SRS top page:

Go to the SRS manual page:

In the left hand frame (list of sections) Middle-button click on the one
you want, for exmaple SRSWWW for the Web server interface, and it
will pop up in a new frame-free window

... magically, you are reading that section without frames.

b) printed copy

Middle-button Click on *any* link in the table of contents to bring up
the manual text in a new window.

Then print from NetScape and you have a printed manual.

P.S. Note for Chris Upton (who started this thread) : Kate Neill sends
her regards :-)

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