Problem on SRS6.1.3 with GenBank

Tomohiro Koike tkoike at
Wed Jan 16 05:02:26 EST 2002

Hello all,

We are using SRS, and now trying to upgrade our system
to version 6.1.3.  But unfortunately, we found 6.1.3 always
failed to search any keywords with GenBank or DDBJ data
as target library.

And we also found this problem is not only on our particular
environment.  There are some public SRS 6.1.3 servers on
the net, but as far as we know, several of them have same
problem.  Following two servers are a part of them.

When we try to search a keyword, say "1111", with selecting
GenBank (or DDBJ) as target library, SRS's cgi returns an
error message like this:
      library ID does not exist no library with ID "19767" is defined  

We are investigating this problem, and so far, we found several

a) size of data
    When we index DDBJ dataset, indexing would finish without any
error log message, but searches would fail.
    When we cut DDBJ dataset into half, both half can successfully
be indexed and searched.  This fact suggests that this problem may
depends on size of input data, or index, rather than data quality.

b) field to search
    As far as we tested so far, the only field that can cause the
problem is "FtDescription".  Other fields look ok, but "Quick
Search" includes FtDescription, thus it doesn't.

Any work around, suggestions, comments are welcome.

Thank you,

Tomohiro Koike
DNA Databank of Japan

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