database cross-reference

Huaichun Wang hcwang at
Wed Jun 12 10:39:02 EST 2002

for each protein sequence entry in swall, there is a database
cross-reference to EMBL entries (the line begining with
"DR   EMBL;". My question is when there are several
cross-refered EMBL entries for one swissprot entry, what
is the difference between these entries; Do the nucleotide entries
have the same sequences?

For example, when I used SRS to search for TAP1_HUMAN in swall, I got
a protein sequence entry. There are 10 EMBL entries cross-refered
to this protein. They are:
DR   EMBL; X66401; CAA47025.1; -.
DR   EMBL; X57521; CAA40740.1; -.
DR   EMBL; X57522; CAA40741.1; ALT_INIT.
DR   EMBL; L21204; AAC12902.1; -.
DR   EMBL; L21205; AAC12903.1; -.
DR   EMBL; L21206; AAC12904.1; -.
DR   EMBL; L21207; AAC12905.1; -.
DR   EMBL; L21208; AAC12906.1; -.
DR   EMBL; X87344; CAA60785.1; -.
DR   EMBL; S70274; AAD14056.1; -.

What are the same and difference among these 10 EMBL entries?
Thanks for advice.


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