SRS 7.1 Blast Result Link

"benedict arnold JIC benedict.arnold at
Mon Jan 12 12:03:21 EST 2004


the relevant file for this post is localApplicationOptions.i in $SRSSITE

I think this is probably to do with the $blastList definitions for the databases. The way the links are created is the parser looks for the 2 or 3 letter code at the beginning of the id line of the sequence hit, for a fasta format looking like:

><DB letters>|XXXXX|YYYYY Description
<sequence letters>

if the file containing the sequences used to create the blast database files doesn't match this format, or the database letters don't match any of the ones listed or the name of the databases doesn't match (ie you have emblrelease and emblnew, but no embl virtual library) then the link isn't created. Edit the localApplicationsOptions.i $blastList to match you current setup, run srssection and it should work.

hope this helps


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