[Q] Mosaic on a Unix Shell??

Matthew Edward Pollack mep8y at darwin.clas.virginia.edu
Mon Dec 5 02:13:38 EST 1994

I have been using Mosaic and Netscape for some time now but was
wondering if it is posible to use either such browser without a
direct line or SLIP/PPP connection?  There is a program out
there called SLIPKNOT that is a browser designed for use in
such a manner, but I'm almost sure that I read an article
somewhere recently that said that there is a way to use Mosaic,
etc. without the afforementioned connections.  Any info that
can be passed along to me is greatly appreciated, either to
this newsgoup or directly to me at mep8y at virginia.edu
Thanks in advance:)

Matthew Pollack
mep8y at virginia.edu
Matthew E. Pollack
mep8y at virginia.edu

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