[Q] How to do Backspace --> Mosaic

Richard Braeken richard at win.tue.nl
Fri Dec 9 16:43:56 EST 1994


I've got a problem with Mosaic. My backspace doesn't work. In the
help-files I found the following solution:

Something Doesn't Work Right

Why doesn't backspace/delete work in NCSA Mosaic's text entry fields?

Because the Motif text widgets expect keysyms named osfBackspace and
osfDelete to exist, and this probably isn't the case on your system.
There is a two-stage solution to this:

   Plop a copy of XKeysymDB in /usr/lib/X11. 
   Override the translations for the Motif Text and TextField fields to provide
   backspace functionality, by putting the following lines in your .Xdefaults

   *XmText.translations: #override\n\
      <Key>osfDelete: delete-previous-character()
   *XmTextField.translations: #override\n\
      <Key>osfDelete: delete-previous-character()

Please note that these problems are endemic to Motif and are not limited to NCSA
Mosaic in particular. (In other words, it's just not our fault.) 

The file exist now in that directory and I've put the lines in my
.Xdefaults file, but it has no effect. 

Could someone help me?


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