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USENET name:               bionet.software.www 
Mailing list name:         BIO-WWW 
e-mail addresses:          bio-www at net.bio.net (US)
                           bio-www at daresbury.ac.uk (UK) 

EMBnet Switzerland; email: moderator at bio-www.ch.embnet.org


Announce, and inform on, new achievements on information servers, archives
and  resources which offer data and/or services in the biology,medicine or
related  area  which  can be accessed via electronic networked information
retrieval software. Proposals and discussions of these with respect to new
strategies and tools,  as  well  as  links  to  contributions dealing with
issues of performance  and  quality  of  networked  information in Biology
shall inform and invite to participate. 


moderated, but not restricted or censored.  Moderator: EMBnet Switzerland,
mail address moderator at bio-www.ch.embnet.org Achievements are exposed on a
WWW server simultaneously. The URL is


The intention of moderation is to 

 o (a) ensure quality, resp. relevance of postings and 
 o (b) compose a common format which is intended to server as URL
   depository where appropriate. 


New  Servers  and  Services offered on the Internet which can be accessed
using the World Wide  Web and tools associated to the browser, or similar
tools which have  a  similar  versatility,  shall  get  a  non-WWW,  non-
information tool forum which bridges  the  gap  between  application  and
information issues without the need to  install  or  use  the protocol in

New and established servers shall have a medium to  announce improvements
and new achievements to the community on NEWS  and  eMail transports. The
Newsgroup 'jewels' will be made available  on  a  WWW server as well, and
include links to other documents, which are  located at the poster's site
in order to overcome the maintenance issue.  Sites  running GOPHER, WAIS,
FTP or other servers  covered  by  the  possibility  to  be  accessed via
electronic  networks  using  publicly  available  'clients' or 'browsers'
servers are invited to supplement their  information. 

Exclusion :  General  issues  on  accompanying software problems shall be 
placed in bionet.software or suitable software-specific newsgroups in the 
comp.infosystems hierarchy.Established WWW, GOPHER, or other meta-indices 
shall not be competed.Specific items on the non-biology related technical 
side  of  the server software are not intended to be discussed. The news-
group shall not be  used for large papers and discussions, as the posting 
of the link to the own server would be sufficient. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Periodic (eg, quarterly) postings of a 'biological' networked information
FAQ is intended. This shall summarize the discussion and reconfirm
announced links (quality control). 

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